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The Formation of an Idea: A California FA and National Team

"California, the home to the entertainment industry in Hollywood, the tech giants of Apple and Google, and the trailblazing pop culture activity known as skateboarding. The state is home to roughly 40 million people (about the same as Iraq), making it a diverse and unique place. With its miles of pure pacific coastlines, to the breath-taking Sierra Nevada, to the dry Mojave desert, the size of California can be compared to that of Germany, Iraq, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Sweden, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe. According to the US census bureau in 2018, the population of California is 72% white, 39% Hispanic (any race) 15% Asian, and 6.5% African American. In California’s history, the land has been governed by Native Americans, the Spanish, and Mexico before being admitted to the union as the 31st state of the united states in 1850. Little do people know that in fact, California was independent of any controlling nation for a brief moment before the Mexican-American war in 1846. This was done by the job of John C Fremont and his leadership of rebelling the Mexican providence of Alta California before the war broke out. This independent attitude has not left the minds of everyday Californians, as some identify themselves more as a Californian than an American (and not just due to the context of today’s political climate). One individual who understands this is Sven Serrano, the man behind the idea of an all California team and possible federation."

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