La Federación de fútbol Californiana fue establecido para romper las fronteras que impiden el avance de nuestra historia y nuestras ideales progresivas muy emblemáticas de la cultura californiana al resto de América y el mundo mismo. Lo lográremos mediante mostrar el mundo cómo jugamos el deporte más humano que todos, el deporte que cada californiano se encanta y es bueno para jugar. El fútbol balompié.

    • -  A garantir el derecho de organizar por medio de fútbol balompié a cada californiano.

    • -  Al usar el fútbol como una técnica para ayudar las comunidades con menos oportunidades

      en California.

    • -  A aumentar el movimiento de la independencia de Californiana con métodos justos,

      amistosos, y principalmente deportivos.

    • -  A establecer el idioma de español como parte oficial de nuestra federación de fútbol.

    • -  Al usar el fútbol como forma de desarrollar la salud física para California mediante la educación física


La CFF tiene solo un objetivo; a ganar una copa mundial para la California.

  • -  Desarrollar una selección nacional masculino y femenino respectivamente.

  • -  Exhibir una serie de fútbol estatal de California de ida y vuelta entre el norte y el sur por

    cada año.

  • -  Establecer el primer torneo de federación futbolístico femenino en la historia de los estados

    unidos para servir las equipos californianas.

  • -  Establecer un torneo de federación futbolístico masculino para servir los equipos


  • -  Arreglar todos los clubes masculinos y femeninos californianos de todas las ligas y

    divisiones en solamente un sistema de fútbol, respectivamente, que será soportado por la ascensión.



The Californian Football Federation exists to transcend the borders that restrict California’s rich history, diverse culture, and progressive values from the rest of our American neighbors and the rest of the world by competing in a sport rarely understood in North America, but where California is most exceptional; the world’s game, association football.

  • -  To guarantee the right to organize under Association Football to every Californian.

  • -  To serve underserved and empower underprivileged communities in California through the

    sport of association football.

  • -  To promote Californian culture and national independence through football.

  • -  Ensure every Californian is educated in the organization of association football.

  • -  To use association football as a standard for physical education and physical well being.

  • -  To ensure all of this is fully accessible to the everyone in the Spanish language by using it to

    organize our federation.


    The Californian Football Federations has one goal: To win a world cup for California, by:

  • -  Fielding both a men’s and women’s 23-player roster national selections in competition.

  • -  Holding an annual 2-leg Southern California vs. Northern California exhibition match.

  • -  Establishing the first ever annual federation’s cup tournament for women in the history of

    these US for professional women’s football in California.

  • -  Establishing the first annual federation’s cup (open cup) tournament for men’s professional

    football in California.

  • -  Uniting all men’s and women’s professional football teams across the divisions into one

    respective open league system supported by merit based competition #ProRelforCA

"I was born on the border and I tell the story that I grew up in two cities, Tijuana, Baja California, and San Diego, California which are, still, really like West and East Berlin used to be. My family would drive down I-5 and cross over into Mexico twice a month and it was there we bought gasoline, bread ,coffee, and other staples with Pesos I studied closely with their multi-colored designs of Hidalgo, Morelos, and Cuauhtémoc. It was where my brother and I got our crewcuts, and it was there, when I was twelve, in 1970, on Avenida de Revolucion I saw a sudden impromptu parade of Mexicans celebrating, honking horns, waving flags, and setting off fireworks. ' What happened?" I asked my pocho padre. He asked someone in Spanish, (he only spoke Spanish on that side) and he told me, shouting over the ruckus "Mexico has defeated Belgium 2-0 in the World Cup!" And that was it, I was hooked for life.

Fast forward to 2017.  I watched in horror as the seconds ticked away to 90 minutes plus, the whistle blrew and the USA crashed out of World Cup Russia to Trinidad and Tobago 1-2.  All I could think of was 'whom will I support now?'   It was there and then the idea of a California National Team was born.  I put together some designs for California shirts, scarves, and caps and, presto, the gear was created and produced.  Only afterwards did I learn of the existence of alternative competitions organized by CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations for countries and territories not recognized by FIFA and asked myself out loud 'Why not us? Why not California?"  And there we are, now you know.  Please join us, help build and support this idea, this team, this nation-in-waiting, cheer, chant, and sing for us, and wave the Bear Republic Flag when our boys run out of the tunnel to play their first ever international fixtures this year."

Sven Serrano, CFF-FFC Founder and President